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Concept clusters in the subject Materials (Back)
Abrasive Adhesive tape Adsorption Aerosols Air conditioning Applying paint to a surface Applying paint to a surface (2) Arch Archaeology Architectural element Architecture Architecture (2) Architecture (3) Architecture (4) Architecture (5) Architecture of the temple Area of land near a house Artificial light Attaching something Bandage material Barrier Bat as a tool or weapon Binding medical care Blowing wind Board Board or plank Brass as a metal Brick Bricklaying Brickwork Bubble of air Building Building's floorplan Burial Burnt brick Burrow Cabinetry Cage Camping out Candle holder Capsule Carbonization Carpentry Carving tools Casting Cellar Cementing things together Centrifuging or centrifuge Ceramics Chromium plating Church architecture Clothes Coagulation Coal as a substance Coal as a type of rock Coating Columns in architecture Composite materials Concentrating a material Conduit for air Construction Container Container (2) Covering something with paper Covering to keep something out Creams Crenellation Cutting with a blade Cutting with a saw Cutting with a saw blade Dark skin Darkness Darkness (2) Dead body Decomposing metal Device for measuring weight Device that burns something Digging a ditch Digging in the ground Digging up a body from a grave Distillation Door Door frame Draft as a plan or sketch Dresser Drilling a hole Drilling a hole (2) Dump Dyeing Ear as a body part Ear piercing Ear tags Emulsifiers Enamel work Engineering Engraving Evening Extracting a substance from a solution Fast Fastening Fence as a noun Filter Filtering Filtration Fire Fire (2) Fire in a fireplace Fire that is not very bright First part of the day Flammable Flocculants Flood Fluid flow Fluid flow through a porous material Fluids leaking through a material Flushing out Food additives Fortification Fossil fuels Froth Fuel Funnel Garbage disposal Gas Gas (2) Gelatin Gemstones Gilding Glassmaking Glassware Glassy Glaze Gold as a valuable commodity Goody bag Grains or particles Gravel Gray Greasy Grinding mill Grinding mill (2) Grooves Handmade Hardness Heat Hell as a place of punishment Hiding something Hole Homeless shelter Honing Hot House House (2) Household furniture Housing Hydroelectric power In the boondocks Incense Industrial furnace Inn Internals of machines Iron and steel production Irritant gas Lacquerwork Ladder-like structure Laminate Lamp Lamp (2) Large Large (2) Large amount of something Large and expensive Layering Light Light (2) Line as a physical object Liquefaction Lithic technology Living in the wilderness Lock Locking/unlocking Long and thin Lubricating oil Lubrication Machining Making something white Marketplace Marsh Mast with a boom and gaff Mechanics Metallurgy Metals Metalwork Military guard post Mixing metals Molds Monumentalization Mosaic as a piece of art Mother-of-pearl Mound Mountainous terrain Multi-story building Mummification Nails Night Noon Office furniture Old age Opening or entrance Outdoor living space Outdoor stove Packaging Painting a surface Paper Paperfolding Papyrus Paraffin oil Pasteurization Paved surfaces Paving Peat bog Pebble Person who cleans up Person who works with the land Petroleum Petroleum products Physical barrier Plane Plastering Plasticity in materials Plumb line Polishing Portable roof or canopy Powdered dust Preventing heat loss Propping up Protected area Pulp and paper Pulp and paper manufacturing Purifying water Pyrophoricity Pyrotechnics Rain Rake Red as an adjective Refrigeration Refrigerator Removing color Removing germs Removing toxins from the body Resistant to damage Ridge-like structure Rock Roof Roof shape Roofing materials Room Room in a house Row of attached houses Rubber as a material Sand Sandy Sanitation or purification Saw with teeth Sawing lumber Scavenging Screwdriver Sculpture Secret Separating the wheat from the chaff Separation Setting fire to something Shelf Shelter Shelter or refuge Sifting through Silver as a color Skyscraper Slate Sleeping through the night Sloping Small Small (2) Small and temporary Small part of a larger thing Snuffing out a candle Soap Soapmaking Spongy Spraying a liquid Spring Springing forth Stair-related Starting a fire Steel alloy Stone monument Stonemasonry Storage Storage space Storm Stormy day Stripping Structure Summer Sunlight Support Table is the superordinate concept of all of these words Thinness of fabric Threadlike filament Thunder and lightning Tinned metal Tool that is used to strike other objects Tools Topical application Toward Towering structure Transparency Undercurrents Up or above Vacuuming Vaulted ceiling Vaulting Water Watery Wax Wax (2) Weapon Weather Wedge-shaped object Welding Welding joins two metals Wind as a force Window coverings Window element Wood inlay Wood products Workbench Working with metal Working with metal (2) Wrapping or covering something

This subjext index is an experimental OneLook feature. We've grouped words and phrases into thousands of clusters based on a statistical analysis of how they are used in writing. Some of the words and concepts may be vulgar or offensive. The names of the subjects were written automatically and may not precisely describe every word within the cluster.

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OneLook lets you find any kind of word for any kind of writing. Like a traditional thesaurus, you can use it to find synonyms and antonyms, but it's far more flexible. Describe what you're looking for with a single word, a few words, or even a whole sentence. Type in your description and hit Enter (or select a word that shows up in the autocomplete preview) to see the related words. You can order, filter, and explore the words that come back in a variety of creative ways.

What are some examples?

Example searches
🔆 Find a word by describing it barrel maker
before the flood
museum guide
search for food
urge to travel
what a milliner makes
tried twice for the same crime
when cancer spreads through the body
🔆 Explore synonyms and related concepts fancy
industrial revolution
🔆 Get a list of words in some category ("type of...") type of bird of prey
type of soft cheese
type of light bulb
🔆 Find more words similar to some examples (comma-separated list) squishy,spongy,gooey
ice cream,pie,cookies
🔆 Answer basic identification questions capital of Vietnam
longest river in the world
original host of Jeopardy
🔆 Solve crossword puzzle clues, or find words if you only know some of the letters.
(Use pattern:description syntax)
??lon:synthetic fabric
c*:board game

Exploring the results

Click on any result to see definitions and usage examples tailored to your search, as well as links to follow-up searches and additional usage information when available. OneLook knows about more than 2 million different words and expressions covering every topic under the sun. Try exploring a favorite topic for a while and you'll be surprised how much new stuff there is to learn!

Ordering the results

Your results will initially appear with the most closely related word shown first, the second-most closely shown second, and so on. You can re-order the results in a variety of different ways, including alphabetically, by length, by popularity, by modernness, by formality, and by other aspects of style. Click the box that says "Closest meaning first..." to see them all.

Filtering the results

You can refine your search by clicking on the "Advanced filters" button on the results page. This lets you narrow down your results to match a certain starting letter, number of letters, number of syllables, related concept, meter, vowel sound, or number of syllables. Read more details on filters if you're interested in how they work.

I'm only looking for synonyms! What's with all of these weird results?

For some kinds of searches only the first result or the first few results are truly synonyms or good substitutions for your search word. We highlight these results in yellow. Beyond that, the results are meant to inspire you to consider similar words and adjacent concepts. Not all of the results will make sense at first, but they're all connected with your search in some way. We'd rather give you too many options than too few. If you're unsure of a word, we urge you to click on it to check its definitions and usage examples before using it in your Oscars acceptance speech or honors thesis.

What are letter patterns?

If you know some letters in the word you're looking for, you can enter a pattern instead of, or in addition to, a description. Here are how patterns work:
  • The asterisk (*) matches any number of letters. That means that you can use it as a placeholder for any part of a word or phrase. For example, if you enter blueb* you'll get all the terms that start with "blueb"; if you enter *bird you'll get all the terms that end with "bird"; if you enter *lueb* you'll get all the terms that contain the sequence "lueb", and so forth. An asterisk can match zero letters, too.
  • The question mark (?) matches exactly one letter. That means that you can use it as a placeholder for a single letter or symbol. The query l?b?n?n,  for example, will find the word "Lebanon".

  • The number-sign (#) matches any English consonant. For example, the query tra#t finds the word "tract" but not "trait".

  • The at-sign (@) matches any English vowel (including "y"). For example, the query abo@t finds the word "about" but not "abort".

  • NEW! The comma (,) lets you combine multiple patterns into one. For example, the query ?????,*y* finds 5-letter words that contain a "y" somewhere, such as "happy" and "rhyme".

  • NEW! Use double-slashes (//) before a group of letters to unscramble them (that is, find anagrams.) For example, the query //soulbeat will find "absolute" and "bales out", and re//teeprsn will find "represent" and "repenters". You can use another double-slash to end the group and put letters you're sure of to the right of it. For example, the query //blabrcs//e will find "scrabble". Question marks can signify unknown letters as usual; for example, //we??? returns 5-letter words that contain a W and an E, such as "water" and "awake".

  • NEW! A minus sign (-) followed by some letters at the end of a pattern means "exclude these letters". For example, the query sp???-ei finds 5-letter words that start with "sp" but do not contain an "e"or an "i", such as "spoon" and "spray".

  • NEW! A plus sign (+) followed by some letters at the end of a pattern means "restrict to these letters". For example, the query *+ban finds "banana".

  • On OneLook's main search or directly on OneLook Thesaurus, you can combine patterns and thesaurus lookups by putting a colon (:) after a pattern and then typing a description of the word, as in ??lon:synthetic fabric and the other examples above.

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Is this available in any language other than English?

The same interface is now available in Spanish at OneLook Tesauro as a beta version. More languages are coming!

How does it work?

We use a souped-up version of our own Datamuse API, which in turn uses several lingustic resources described in the "Data sources" section on that page. The definitions come from Wiktionary, Wikipedia, and WordNet. Here are some known problems with the current system.
Much gratitude to Gultchin et al for the algorithm behind the "Most funny-sounding" sort order.

Profanity and problematic word associations

If you're using this site with children, be forewarned you'll find plenty of vulgar expressions if you use OneLook frequently. We take an unflinching look at how language has been used. Profanity has its place, and we can't scrub ugliness from the historical record.

Some of the thesaurus results come from a statistical analysis of the words in a large collection of books written in the past two centuries. A handful of times we've found that this analysis can lead us to suggest word associations that reflect racist or harmful stereotypes present in this source material. If you see one of these, please know that we do not endorse what the word association implies. In egregious cases we will remove it from the site if you report it to us via the feedback link below.


No personally identifying information is ever collected on this site or by any add-ons or apps associated with OneLook. OneLook Thesaurus sends your search query securely to the Datamuse API, which keeps a log file of the queries made to the service in the last 24 hours. The log file is deleted after 24 hours and we do not retain any long-term information about your IP address or invididual queries.

Who's behind this site and where can I send my comments and complaints feedback?

OneLook is a service of Datamuse. You can send us feedback here.

The sunburst logo (🔆) is the emoji symbol for "high brightness", which we aspire to create with OneLook. (The graphic came from the open-source Twemoji project.)