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1. on t.v
2. on tag
3. on tai
4. on tai estate
5. on tail
6. on take
7. on talking terms
8. on tap
9. on tape
10. on tapp
11. on target
12. on target begonia
13. on target earnings
14. on task
15. on tat
16. on tat estate
17. on tat estate and on tai estate
18. on tat shopping centre
19. on tatay's boat
20. on tatays boat
21. on technology
22. on telecoms
23. on television
24. on telly
25. on tender hooks
26. on tenterhooks
27. on terms
28. on terms with
29. on tgt
30. on tha cool
31. on that
32. on that/this score
33. on that account
34. on that ground
35. on that night... while we dream
36. on that night while we dream
37. on that point
38. on that score
39. on that shit again
40. on that this score
41. on that time
42. on the
43. on the/ agenda
44. on the/someone's/something's way out
45. on the/your way
46. on the/your way out
47. on the 'roids
48. on the 2nd day of christmas
49. on the 6
50. on the a side
51. on the adrian
52. on the aesthetic education of man
53. on the african war
54. on the agenda
55. on the aids
56. on the air
57. on the air live with captain midnight
58. on the aire
59. on the aisle
60. on the alamo
61. on the alert
62. on the alertp
63. on the alexandrine war
64. on the altar of love
65. on the altar of success
66. on the anniversary
67. on the anvil
68. on the application of one party
69. on the arm
70. on the art of cinema
71. on the art of opera
72. on the art of the cinema
73. on the assumption
74. on the atchison topeka and the santa fe
75. on the attack
76. on the attack and more
77. on the auction block
78. on the avenue
79. on the average
80. on the back burner
81. on the back foot
82. on the back of
83. on the back of an envelope
84. on the back of angels
85. on the back of sb/sth
86. on the back of sb sth
87. on the back of something
88. on the back of sth
89. on the backs of angels
90. on the baker's list
91. on the bakers list
92. on the balcony of the casa rosada
93. on the ball
94. on the ball 2
95. on the ball 3
96. on the ball action
97. on the ballot
98. on the bandstand
99. on the bandwagon
100. on the banks of allan water

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