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1. i said a prayer
2. i said hi
3. i said make my abilities average
4. i said never again
5. i sailed to tahiti with an all girl crew
6. i sairas
7. i sala
8. i salonisti
9. i sambucina
10. I Samuel
11. i san
12. i san special
13. i sang dixie
14. i santo california
15. i sat by the ocean
16. i saved the world today
17. i saw 3 ships
18. i saw a man and he danced with his wife
19. i saw ben barka get killed
20. i saw god today
21. i saw her again
22. i saw her again last night
23. i saw her standing there
24. i saw him standing there
25. i saw him standing there ep
26. i saw it
27. i saw it cummin
28. i saw it in the mirror
29. i saw linda yesterday
30. i saw mommy kissing santa claus
31. i saw my lady weepe
32. i saw poland betrayed
33. i saw ramallah
34. i saw red
35. i saw such things in my sleep
36. i saw such things in my sleep ep
37. i saw the devil
38. i saw the figure 5 in gold
39. i saw the light
40. i saw the shine
41. i saw the sun
42. i saw three ships
43. i saw what i saw
44. i saw what you did
45. i saw you dancing
46. i saw your mommy
47. i say
48. i say a little prayer
49. i say i say i say
50. i say it's spinach
51. i say its spinach
52. i say yes


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