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1. find
2. find-a-grave
3. find-me
4. find-me anywhere
5. find-spot
6. find-spot or find spot
7. find/cut
8. find/get religion
9. find/make common cause with someone
10. find/search
11. find/take shelter
12. find; findings
13. find a clue
14. find a crew
15. find a family
16. find a friendly bush
17. find a grave
18. find a happy medium
19. find a middle ground
20. find a place for
21. find a place to die
22. find a realtor
23. find a remedy
24. find a solution
25. find a way
26. find a way around
27. find a way into/to someone's heart
28. find a way into to someones heart
29. find acceptance
30. find against
31. find an echo
32. find an indictment against
33. find and replace
34. find appealing
35. find approval/favor
36. find approval favor
37. find button
38. find candace
39. find cause to blame
40. find expression
41. find faith
42. find fault
43. find fault with
44. find fault with sb/sth
45. find fault with sb sth
46. find favor
47. find favor in the eyes
48. find favor with
49. find favour with
50. find feet
51. find file
52. find first set
53. find flaws
54. find for
55. find freedom
56. find get religion
57. find god
58. find guilty
59. find hard to believe
60. find help
61. find her finer
62. find hide nor hair
63. find in
64. find in a minority of one
65. find in favor
66. find in sb's favour
67. find in sbs favour
68. find indispensable
69. find innocent
70. find intolerable
71. find it ez
72. find it in heart
73. find it in one's heart
74. find it in one's heart to do something
75. find it in ones heart
76. find it in ones heart to do something
77. find it in oneself
78. find it in your heart to do sth
79. find its level
80. find its own level
81. find its target
82. find its way
83. find its way somewhere
84. find legs
85. find level
86. find liable
87. find make common cause with someone
88. find manpower
89. find me
90. find me/follow me
91. find me a family
92. find me anywhere
93. find me before i die a lonely death.com
94. find me before i die a lonely deathcom
95. find me follow me
96. find me guilty
97. find me in these fields
98. find me my man
99. find me service
100. find my baby

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