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1. waldo glover kaufer
2. walter george kent
3. walter gillis king
4. warfare of genghis khan
5. warnham gold kohuhu
6. warren gouverneur kemble
7. wei guo kuo
8. werner g. krebs
9. werner g krebs
10. western grey kangaroo
11. western grey kangaroos
12. wilber g. katz
13. wilber g katz
14. wilbur g. kurtz
15. wilbur g kurtz
16. william g. kerckhoff
17. william g. krahn
18. william g kerckhoff
19. william g krahn
20. william george kreighoff
21. william george krieghoff
22. william gordon kenmure
23. william gunning king
24. winged girl of knossos
25. witcher of grand kiev
26. wives of genghis khan
27. wladimir g krikhatzkij
28. wolf greta krakauer
29. woody the giant killer


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