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1. v a novel
2. valencian art nouveau
3. valkhof at nijmegen
4. value added network
5. value added networks
6. vehicle area network
7. vehicular ad-hoc network
8. vennira aadai nirmala
9. ventral anterior nucleus
10. ventral attention network
11. vernacular architecture in norway
12. verstovsky aleksey nikolayevitch
13. victor assad najjar
14. violence at noon
15. viral alkaline nuclease
16. visceral afferent n's
17. visceral afferent ns
18. visual aid to navigation
19. vlad and niki
20. vlad and nikita
21. voiced alveolar nasal
22. voiced alveolo-palatal nasal
23. voiceless alveolar nasal
24. volume of an n-ball
25. volver a nacer
26. voormolen alexander nicolaas
27. vuelta a navarra


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