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1. u.s. tenth army
2. u.s. third army
3. u tapao airfield
4. u tapao airport
5. u turn audio
6. uk theatre awards
7. ulster transport authority
8. umaru tanko al-makura
9. umbrella thorn acacia
10. unconstitutional trademark acts
11. under the aegis of
12. under the angels
13. under the assumption
14. under the auspices of
15. under the authority of
16. underneath the arches
17. uni top airlines
18. uniform time act
19. uniform turkic alphabet
20. unit of thyrotrophic activity
21. unit training assembly
22. united talent agency
23. united telekom austria
24. united to advance
25. university of tennessee arboretum
26. university of texas-pan american
27. university of texas athletics
28. university of texas austin
29. university of texas in austin
30. university of the aegean
31. university of the air
32. university of the algarve
33. university of the amazon
34. university of the americas
35. university of the andes
36. university of the arctic
37. university of the arts
38. university of the assumption
39. university of the azores
40. university of the third age
41. unleash the archers
42. untitled trooper album
43. up/raise the ante
44. up in the air
45. up in the attic
46. up the academy
47. up the aisle
48. up the alphabet
49. up the ante
50. up the ass
51. up their alley
52. up to anything
53. up to armpits
54. upped the ante
55. upper tangent arc
56. upping the ante
57. ups the ante
58. upset the applecart
59. upton train ambush
60. urban taskforce australia
61. uriel the archangel
62. us tenth army
63. us third army
64. usb type a
65. ush tobe airport
66. ust tsilma airport
67. utah transit authority
68. uterine tube ampulla
69. utilities trust of australia


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