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1. u. and l.c
2. u.s. ambassador to luxembourg
3. u.s. antitrust law
4. u.s.s.r. the art of listening
5. u and lc
6. uefa a licence
7. uk administrative law
8. ukrainian administrative law
9. ultrasonic assisted liposuction
10. umana and leyba
11. umi a liloa
12. una and the lion
13. unchained at last
14. unfunded accrued liabilities
15. unfunded actuarial liability
16. unionist anti-partition league
17. unite in a league
18. united air lines
19. united airways limited
20. united airways ltd
21. united american lines
22. united and alternative left
23. united arab list
24. units and levels of
25. universal auxiliary language
26. university of action learning
27. university of alberta libraries
28. university of the arts london
29. up and leave
30. up and leaves
31. up and left
32. up at the lake
33. upland and lowland
34. upper air/upper level
35. upper arrernte language
36. upper arrow lake
37. upper atmospheric lightning
38. uppu aru lagoon
39. ural altaic languages
40. uralic and altaic languages
41. urban agglomeration of longueuil
42. uric acid levels
43. us airways livery
44. us ambassador to lebanon
45. us ambassador to lesotho
46. us ambassador to luxembourg
47. us antitrust law
48. usat american legion
49. use of antibiotics in livestock
50. usl a league
51. uss abraham lincoln
52. ussr the art of listening
53. ustad ahmad lahauri
54. ustad ahmad lahori
55. uterine accommodation limited
56. utica avenue line
57. uto aztecan language
58. uto aztecan languages
59. uto aztekan languages


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