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1. take/pull the wraps off something
2. take a whiff of something
3. take the wind out of sails
4. take the wraps off sth
5. takes the wind out of sails
6. taking the wind out of sails
7. telus world of science
8. the wages of sin
9. the wall of sacrifice
10. the war of souls
11. the war of the saints
12. the war of the simpsons
13. the warmth of other suns
14. the warmth of the sun
15. the warren of snares
16. the warriors of spider
17. the waterseller of seville
18. the way of shadows
19. the way of the spirit
20. the way of the sufi
21. the way of the sword
22. the weakness of strength
23. the well of stars
24. the well of the saints
25. the wheel on the school
26. the whole of sth
27. the widow of saint-pierre
28. the wine of summer
29. the wings of a serf
30. the wings of the sphinx
31. the wisdom of solomon
32. the wisdom of something
33. the wishsong of shannara
34. the witch of salem
35. the witch of saratoga
36. the witch of the south
37. the wizard of the strings
38. the woman on the street
39. the word on the street
40. the workings of sth
41. the world of skin
42. the world of synnibarr
43. the worship of the serpent
44. the wrath of silence
45. the wrath of the seas
46. the wreckage of stars
47. think the world of sb
48. think the world of someone
49. to a wreath of snow
50. to work or solve
51. took the wind out of sails
52. trevor's world of sport
53. trevors world of sport


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