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1. take the heat off sb
2. tan the hide off sb
3. the hall of the saints
4. the hammer of the scots
5. the harvest of sorrow
6. the heart of the serpent
7. the height of sth
8. the height of the storm
9. the heritage of shannara
10. the hermeneutics of the subject
11. the history of sex
12. the history of sexuality
13. the history of susanna
14. the history of the saracens
15. the hitherside of sth/sb
16. the homer of seville
17. the hound of shadow
18. the hounds of spring
19. the hour of the star
20. the house of sand
21. the house of secrets
22. the house of shame
23. the house of silence
24. the house of silk
25. the house of stairs
26. the house of the scorpion
27. the house of the spirits
28. the house of the sun
29. the house on the strand
30. the hunchback of soho
31. the hunger and other stories
32. the hunger of sejanoz
33. the hunting of the snark
34. the hymn of samadhi
35. think/speak highly of sb
36. this house of sky
37. to hang on the sleeve of
38. to heave out a sail
39. to hide one's self
40. to hide one`s self
41. to hide ones self
42. to hug one's self
43. to hug one`s self
44. to hug ones self
45. to the heart of the storm
46. total heat of solution


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