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1. sample of anonymised records
2. seat of a rafter
3. secretariat of agrarian reform
4. sexual orientation and race
5. sexuality of the ancient romans
6. sheik omar abdel rahman
7. sheikh omar abdel rahman
8. shire of augusta-margaret river
9. skinheads on a raft
10. soap on a rope
11. sons of the american revolution
12. soul of a robot
13. source of the amazon river
14. south ossetian autonomous region
15. special operations assault rifle
16. spectrum of a ring
17. spirit of the american range
18. split on a rock
19. staging of a rocket
20. start of a romance
21. step on a rake
22. story of a rabbit
23. story of a recluse
24. stratford on avon racecourse
25. stratford on avon railway
26. study of a river
27. surfing on a rocket
28. surgical outcomes analysis and research
29. suspension of a right
30. swingin' on a rainbow
31. swingin on a rainbow


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