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1. s. anselm's preparatory school
2. s anselms preparatory school
3. sale and purchase of ship
4. salt and pepper sand
5. salt and pepper shakers
6. sapporo atsubetsu park stadium
7. sarab active protection system
8. science and pseudo science
9. scott air pak scba
10. second american party system
11. self adhesive plastic sheet
12. self administered pensions scheme
13. serenade after plato's symposium
14. serenade after platos symposium
15. series a preferred stock
16. series and parallel springs
17. shanghai alumni primary school
18. sheep annual premium scheme
19. shippingport atomic power station
20. simplified acute physiology score
21. social and political sciences
22. south african patent system
23. south african police service
24. south american painted snipe
25. south atlantic and pacific station
26. spanish and portuguese synagogue
27. splash and pressure system
28. sri adwayananda public school
29. st. albans postal serv
30. st. albert public schools
31. st. andrew's preparatory school
32. st. andrew's priory school
33. st. aubyns preparatory school
34. st. augustine preparatory school
35. st albans postal serv
36. st albert public schools
37. st andrews preparatory school
38. st andrews priory school
39. st aubyns preparatory school
40. st augustine preparatory school
41. staff and personnel support
42. stamp agency package stamp
43. stand alone power system
44. statutory accounting principles sap
45. stillwater area public schools
46. superior articular process of sacrum


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