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1. safe auto insurance company
2. salt and ice challenge
3. saudi advanced industries company
4. saudi arabian identity card
5. school attacks in china
6. school of the art institute of chicago
7. scottish american investment company
8. scroll and its combinations
9. sebaceous adenitis in canines
10. security and intelligence co-ordinator
11. selected areas in cryptography
12. shanghai automotive industry company
13. shanghai automotive industry corporation
14. shanghai aviation industrial company
15. sign and its children
16. singapore airlines international cup
17. snow and ice control
18. south african identity card
19. south african indian congress
20. south african indian council
21. southern aid and insurance company
22. special agent in charge
23. st. adalbert's in chicago
24. st adalberts in chicago
25. strength athletics in canada
26. stretch activated ion channel
27. surface and interfacial chemistry


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