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1. radar upper band
2. rankings of universities in brazil
3. re umberto-class battleship
4. red university building
5. reds under the bed
6. rider university broncs
7. rock ur body
8. rocket u boat
9. romania ukraine border
10. rough up the bullpen
11. royal university of bhutan
12. rugby union ball
13. rugby union in bahrain
14. rugby union in bangladesh
15. rugby union in barbados
16. rugby union in belarus
17. rugby union in belgium
18. rugby union in bermuda
19. rugby union in bolivia
20. rugby union in brazil
21. rugby union in bulgaria
22. ruhr universitat bochum
23. ruhr university bochum
24. running up the bidder
25. russia ukraine border
26. russo ukrainian border
27. rutgers university-new brunswick


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