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1. rage of the yeti
2. rahima orchient yayah
3. raid on yakla
4. raid on yarmouth
5. railroader of the year
6. realm of yolmi
7. rear of the year
8. rebecca of york
9. record of the year
10. record of youth
11. red on yellow
12. reflection of you
13. reign of yuanjia
14. relay of youth
15. renationalization of ypf
16. republic of the yucatan
17. republic of yakutia
18. Republic Of Yemen
19. republic of yucatan
20. republic of yugoslavia
21. reunification of yemen
22. rhythm of youth
23. richard of york
24. ridings of yorkshire
25. robert o. young
26. robert o young
27. rokeage or yokeage
28. romance of yushima
29. romanization of yiddish
30. rookie of the year
31. roots of yoga
32. rose of york
33. ruin of the year
34. ruins of the year


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