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1. payson utah temple
2. pedagogical university of tallinn
3. penang undersea tunnel
4. per unit tax
5. permit up to
6. persons using television
7. peter ulric tse
8. petroleum university of technology
9. petronas university of technology
10. philippines university of the
11. pick up tax
12. pick up the tab
13. pick up the tab/bill/check
14. pick up the thread
15. pick up the threads
16. pick up the threads of
17. pick up tool
18. pick up truck
19. pick up trucks
20. picked up the tab
21. picked up the threads
22. picking up the tab
23. picking up the threads
24. picks up the tab
25. picks up the threads
26. place under taboo
27. play up to
28. polytechnic university of tirana
29. polytechnic university of turin
30. pop up thunderstorm
31. pop up toaster
32. pop up toasters
33. power up turtles
34. prefixes us term
35. private unrequited transfers
36. programmable unijunction transistor
37. progressive utilization theory
38. proof of the uniformization theorem
39. provo utah temple
40. psoralen and ultraviolet a therapy
41. psycho uk tour
42. pull up to
43. pull up torque
44. purple umbrella trachelium
45. put up to
46. puts up to
47. putting up to
48. pvc underbody treatment


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