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1. p. r. o
2. p r o
3. pacific rock oyster
4. palau republic of
5. parallel rod oscillator
6. partia reformiste ora
7. pasadena roof orchestra
8. patient reported outcome
9. paulo rossi osir
10. peak reservation ordinance
11. peer review organization
12. peer review organizations
13. pelargonium royal oak
14. people of the red orchestra
15. per ravn omdal
16. performance rights organisation
17. performance rights organization
18. performing rights organization
19. peter r. orszag
20. peter r orszag
21. peter rodgers organization
22. philippines republic of the
23. pipe recovery operations
24. place reliance on
25. polya reichel operation
26. poor rich ones
27. portrait of robert orme
28. possible restraining order
29. preferential right to operate
30. pressure retarded osmosis
31. pretty runs out
32. privacy right of
33. prix royal oak
34. probation and restraining order
35. producer responsibility organisation
36. professional referee organization
37. professional review organizations
38. prog rock opera
39. programmed random occurrence
40. protecteur-class replenishment oiler
41. public record office
42. public relations officer
43. public relations officers
44. puerto rico ombudsman
45. puerto rico open
46. pull rank on
47. pull the rug out
48. punt road oval
49. put restrictions on
50. puzzle of the red orchid


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