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1. palace of san telmo
2. paradoxes of set theory
3. part of speech tagger
4. part of speech tagging
5. passion of saint tibulus
6. passion of st tibulus
7. pba on solar tv
8. peace officer standards and training
9. peninsula open space trust
10. percentage of sales technique
11. philosophy of space and time
12. physics of star trek
13. plaza of the seven temples
14. poach on someone's territory
15. poach on someone's territory/turf
16. poach on someone's turf
17. poach on someones territory
18. poach on someones turf
19. poach on someone’s territory
20. point of sale terminal
21. point of sale terminals
22. port o spain trinidad
23. port of spain trinidad
24. power on self test
25. prince of sanseviero tulip
26. proof of sampling theorem
27. proof of schroeder-bernstein theorem
28. proof of silverman-toeplitz theorem
29. proof of space time
30. proof of steiner's theorem
31. proof of steiners theorem
32. proof of stewart's theorem
33. proof of stewarts theorem
34. proof of stolz-cesaro theorem
35. proof of stone-weierstrass theorem
36. proof of sylow theorems
37. psychology of sex the
38. pull one's shit together
39. pull ones shit together


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