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1. paleobiota of the posidonia shale
2. parable of the prodigal son
3. parting of the pamphylean sea
4. party of progress and socialism
5. patron of professional servies
6. percentage of possible sunshine
7. perfect of persistent situation
8. periplus of pseudo scylax
9. perspectives on political science
10. perspectives on psychological science
11. platoon of power squadron
12. point of pines sites
13. politics of present-day states
14. portrait of pierre seriziat
15. post office packet service
16. power of positive swinging
17. powers of the police in scotland
18. powers of the president of singapore
19. president of the pennsylvania senate
20. principle of pseudo scotus
21. privately owned public space
22. problems of peace and socialism
23. produce or perish style
24. proxy or proxy server
25. pulmonary or pulmonic stenosis
26. pustulosis of palms and soles


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