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1. pakistan army corps of signals
2. palo alto caltrain station
3. palo alto chinese school
4. parents' and children's schoolhouse
5. parents and childrens schoolhouse
6. park avenue chamber symphony
7. paul avenue caltrain station
8. peace and conflict studies
9. pearl art and craft supply
10. personal access control system
11. phi alpha chi sorority
12. philip's academy charter school
13. philippine aircraft company skyfox
14. philips academy charter school
15. physics and chemistry of solids
16. plot against common sense
17. pocahontas area community school
18. port access coronary surgery
19. possession of a controlled substance
20. post anesthetic compartment syndrome
21. powell adam clayton sr
22. primary agricultural credit society
23. projection along a closed subspace
24. projections and closed subspaces
25. property of a chu space


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