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1. object reuse and exchange
2. oblasts of the russian empire
3. odd roger enoksen
4. of reformation in england
5. off the road equipment
6. oil retention enema
7. olds ransom eli
8. oldsmobile rocket engine
9. on/at the receiving end
10. on a razor's edge
11. on a razor edge
12. on a razors edge
13. on the ragged edge
14. on the razor's edge
15. on the razors edge
16. on the receiving end
17. on the road to emmaus
18. one roll engine
19. one run elmer
20. online rich-text editor
21. opel rak e
22. open rotor engine
23. operating room emergency
24. operation returning echo
25. operation road's end
26. operation roads end
27. operational readiness evaluation
28. order of the red eagle
29. order of the roman eagle
30. ordo rosarius equilibrio
31. oren r. earl
32. oren r earl
33. oscar r. ewing
34. oscar r ewing
35. other revenues and expenses
36. out run europa
37. overland relief expedition
38. owner of real estate
39. oxidation reduction electrode


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