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1. oasis drive in
2. ochus darius ii
3. oesophagitis drug induced
4. of decisive importance
5. official dc index
6. okamoto daihachi incident
7. oklahoma department of insurance
8. one day international
9. one day internationals
10. one dead indian
11. one directional imperforate
12. ontology-based data integration
13. open data-link interface
14. open data indices
15. open data institute
16. open door indicator
17. operation death to the invader
18. operation deckhouse iv
19. optical disc image
20. oracle data integrator
21. order of danilo i
22. organ donation in ireland
23. organ donation in israel
24. ospedale degli innocenti
25. oswestry disability index
26. ouchterlony double immunodiffusion
27. our driving issues
28. outcome driven innovation
29. overseas development institute
30. oxford dictionary of islam


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