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1. o deethylase ethoxyresorufin
2. o deethylase ethylresorufin
3. occupational dust exposure
4. octava de ecos
5. off diagonal element
6. off diagonal elements
7. off diagonal entry
8. off the deep end
9. office of the duke of edinburgh
10. officially designated exception
11. oficina de envigado
12. ohio department of education
13. oil drop experiment
14. ol doinyo eburru
15. old dog encephalitis
16. oldsmobile diesel engine
17. ole daniel enersen
18. olmos de esgueva
19. olympic desert eagle
20. omicron delta epsilon
21. on demand economy
22. one day/night/year etc
23. one day event
24. one day excursion
25. one day in europe
26. one drop east
27. online disinhibition effect
28. online distance education
29. onsager differential e
30. open dictionary of english
31. open door enrollment
32. open door ep
33. open drip-proof enclosure
34. open dynamics engine
35. operation d elite
36. operation decisive endeavor
37. operation diablo express
38. operation double eagle
39. operational design element
40. optic disk edema
41. optic disk excavation
42. optical doppler effect
43. ordem dos engenheiros
44. order of a differential equation
45. order of the durrani empire
46. ordinary differential equation
47. ordinary differential equations
48. ordre des experts-comptables
49. oregon daily emerald
50. oregon department of education
51. organ donation ethics
52. organizations in deus ex
53. oriental desert express
54. orinda dale evans
55. orphan drug exclusivity
56. osera de ebro
57. osteoarthritis deformans endemica
58. other day/night etc
59. our days of eulogy
60. our dynamic earth
61. outer drive east
62. owen dudley edwards
63. oxalate degrading enzyme
64. oxford dictionary of english


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