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1. nahar singh cricket stadium
2. nanshan shopping center station
3. nascar sprint cup series
4. national school of computer sciences
5. national society of collegiate scholars
6. national sports center stadium
7. national supercomputer centre in sweden
8. navy supply corps school
9. nebraska state college system
10. nee soon central smc
11. neurological status: cranial sensory
12. neutro shorty concert stampede
13. new super chick sisters
14. nicholls state colonels soccer
15. nicholls state colonels softball
16. non stick cooking spray
17. nonthaburi sports complex stadium
18. north sands-class cargo ship
19. north south carrier scheme
20. north springs charter school
21. north sydney car sidings
22. northern soil crevice skink
23. norwegian school of creative studies
24. norwegian student choral society


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