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1. nadir of the sun
2. names of the serbs
3. naval ordnance test station
4. navigator of the seas
5. nbc owned television stations
6. neck of the scapula
7. neck or throat sweetbread
8. necklace of the stars
9. neuilly on the seine
10. nicholas of tolentino saint
11. nienburg on the saale
12. night of the scarecrow
13. night of the scorpion
14. night of the seagulls
15. night of the sentinels
16. night of the sharks
17. night of the storm
18. night of the stormcrow
19. night of the stormrider
20. night of the sunflowers
21. night of the swallow
22. night on the sun
23. nine on a ten scale
24. nobles of the sword
25. none other than sb/sth
26. nothing of the sort
27. nothing of the sort/kind
28. number of tracks sign


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