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1. magnitude of a star
2. mall of america station
3. man of action studios
4. man on a string
5. man on a swing
6. margaret of antioch saint
7. margaret of austria of savoy
8. margarete of austria styria
9. marina of aguas santas
10. mark on a surface
11. mass on a spring
12. master of a ship
13. master of advanced studies
14. master of advanced study
15. master of applied science
16. master of archival studies
17. master of arts science
18. master of ayurvedic science
19. master of the acquavella still-life
20. master of the avignon school
21. matter of a syllogism
22. measurability of analytic sets
23. members of the australian senate
24. memoirs of a sinner
25. memoirs of a spacewoman
26. memoirs of a suicide
27. memoirs of a survivor
28. memoirs of an anti semite
29. migrant offshore aid station
30. mind of a stoner
31. mining on a shoestring
32. modified overt aggression scale
33. mohamed obaid al saadi
34. moon on a stick
35. more/less/much of a something
36. morphism of algebraic stacks
37. morphology of a shark
38. morphology of a spider
39. mother of all saints
40. mother of all secrets
41. mother of all sth
42. mountain of ali sabieh
43. mourning of a star
44. mouth of a sailor
45. mouth off about sth
46. mouth off to at sb
47. mouthed off about sth
48. mouthed off to at sb
49. mouthing off about sth
50. mouthing off to at sb
51. mouths off about sth
52. mouths off to at sb
53. murder of aamir siddiqi
54. murder of alton sterling
55. murder of angela samota
56. murder of anna svidersky
57. murder of anne searle
58. murder of asad shah
59. museum of abandoned secrets
60. museum of aeronautical science
61. museum of american speed
62. museum of ancient seafaring
63. music of american samoa
64. my object all sublime
65. myth of the american sleepover
66. myth of the american superhero


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