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1. madrid atocha railway station
2. mahila atma raksha samiti
3. make a resolute stand
4. malpensa aeroporto railway station
5. manchester airport railway station
6. marking and rating stamps
7. mars and rhea silvia
8. matt and ramona show
9. mauritius amateur radio society
10. maximum absolute row s
11. mcgill arctic research station
12. mediaeval and renaissance studies
13. members of the atlanta rhythm section
14. merton abbey railway station
15. mid america reformed seminary
16. mid atlantic regional spaceport
17. migrants and refugees section
18. military affiliate radio service
19. military affiliate radio system
20. military affiliated radio system
21. military auxiliary radio system
22. milwaukee airport railroad station
23. modern attempts to revive the sanhedrin
24. molecular absorbent recycling system
25. mongolian amateur radio society
26. moula ali railway station
27. mount albert railway station
28. mountain ash railway station
29. multivariate adaptive regression spline
30. multivariate adaptive regression splines
31. mumbai amateur radio society


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