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(In parentheses is the number of dictionaries in which OneLook found the word.)

1. mic a holic ai (1)
2. marj al hamam area (1)
3. mohamed ali hasan ali (1)
4. morals and health act (1)
5. mission allah ho akbar (1)
6. mohammad ali haj aghaei (1)
7. mahmud ahmad hamdi al-falaki (1)
8. mohammed al hachimi al-hamidi (1)
9. mohammed ali hassan al-moayad (1)
10. makka al-mukarama hotel attack (1)
11. mowtowr-e ashayiri hasan amiri (1)
12. misconceptions about hiv and aids (1)
13. mixed autoimmune hemolytic anemia (1)
14. millencolin and the hi-8 adventures (1)


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