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1. m. a. chidambaram stadium
2. m a chidambaram stadium
3. mad as a cut snake
4. made a clean sweep
5. magnetic activated cell sorting
6. make a clean sweep
7. makes a clean sweep
8. making a clean sweep
9. management and control system
10. management of acute coronary syndrome
11. manual ability classification system
12. marcus annius catilius severus
13. marcus antonius coccius sabellicus
14. maria assumpta convent school
15. maryland's at-large congressional seat
16. mater academy charter school
17. mattel aquarius character set
18. medium access control sublayer
19. mentmore and crafton studs
20. methodius and cyril saints
21. metropolitan area commuter system
22. mexico academy and central school
23. minimal access cranial suspension
24. modulation and coding scheme
25. mother and child scheme
26. multicenter aids cohort study
27. municipalities and cities of serbia
28. music as a coping strategy


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