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1. lai yiu estate
2. lee yoon eui
3. lee young eun
4. lek yuen estate
5. lend your ear to
6. liberal youth england
7. lies in your eyes
8. light in your eyes
9. list of yawara! episodes
10. list of years in egypt
11. list of years in estonia
12. list of younger episodes
13. list of yu-gi-oh! episodes
14. list of yuan emperors
15. list of yukon by elections
16. list of yumeria episodes
17. list of yuruyuri episodes
18. liu yu's expeditions
19. liu yus expeditions
20. llanddyfrwyr yn edeligion
21. longest year ep
22. lost in your eyes
23. loup y es-tu
24. love in your eyes
25. love your enemies
26. love your enemy
27. loving you easy


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