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1. lateral angle of scapula
2. lateral angle of the scapula
3. latvian academy of science
4. latvian academy of sciences
5. law and order svu
6. lean against on sth
7. lebanese academy of sciences
8. left arm orthodox spin
9. legislative assembly of samoa
10. legislative assembly of saskatchewan
11. legislative assembly of sergipe
12. legislative assembly of sevastopol
13. legislative assembly of singapore
14. liberation army of the south
15. lieutenancy areas of scotland
16. lisbon academy of sciences
17. list of adventures in odyssey sagas
18. list of aircraft of the slaf
19. list of airlines of samoa
20. list of airlines of senegal
21. list of airlines of serbia
22. list of airlines of seychelles
23. list of airlines of singapore
24. list of airlines of slovakia
25. list of airlines of slovenia
26. list of airlines of somalia
27. list of airlines of spain
28. list of airlines of sudan
29. list of airlines of suriname
30. list of airlines of swaziland
31. list of airlines of sweden
32. list of airlines of switzerland
33. list of airlines of syria
34. list of ambassadors of serbia
35. list of amphibians of seychelles
36. list of amphibians of singapore
37. list of ants of sweden
38. list of apple operating systems
39. list of assets owned by siemens
40. lithuanian academy of sciences
41. little agda and olof the silent
42. live and other sides
43. longitudinal arc of skull
44. loot and other stories
45. lottery and other stories
46. loudoun academy of science
47. lovers and other strangers
48. low-flying aircraft and other stories


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