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1. imerslund najman gräsbeck anaemia

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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase imerslund najman gräsbeck anaemia.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. anaemic
2. chlorosis
3. congenital pancytopenia
4. crescent-cell anemia
5. drepanocytic anemia
6. fanconi's anemia
7. haemolytic anemia
8. hemolytic anemia
9. hyperchromic anemia
10. hypochromic anemia
11. hypoplastic anemia
12. iron deficiency anemia
13. macrocytic anemia
14. microcytic anemia
15. sickle-cell anemia
16. sickle-cell disease
17. spanaemia
18. ancylostomiasis
19. aplastic anemia
20. azathioprine
21. erythroblastosis fetalis
22. hyphaema, hyphaemia
23. hyphema, hyphaemia
24. hypohaemia
25. ischaemia
26. malignant anemia
27. megaloblastic anaemia
28. murphy
29. pernicious anemia
30. refractory anemia
31. ancylostomiasis, ankylostomiasis
32. anemia
33. anaemias
34. acidosis
35. addison's disease
36. alkalosis
37. anemias
38. anorexia
39. arteriosclerosis
40. ascites

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