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1. had off pat
2. hadith of position
3. haggadah of pesach
4. haina occidental port
5. halfback option play
6. hall of presidents
7. halls of power
8. hand-colouring of photographs
9. hand of peril
10. hand of pork
11. hand on a plate
12. hand on the pump
13. hand to on a plate
14. hand to on a platter
15. handed on a plate
16. handing on a plate
17. hands off policy
18. hands on a plate
19. hans otto peters
20. hari om pandey
21. harlem on the prairie
22. harriet olney peony
23. has off pat
24. hats off productions
25. have in one's possession
26. have in ones possession
27. have in one’s possession
28. have off pat
29. having off pat
30. hayley of paramore
31. hayward orange peel
32. hbo original programming
33. he's on the phone
34. head of a philosopher
35. head of a phrase
36. head of pancreas
37. head of passes
38. head of phalanx
39. head of the pack
40. head of the penis
41. head on a plate
42. head on a platter
43. heads of proposals
44. heart of palm
45. heart of paris
46. heart of parma
47. heart of paula
48. heart of the park
49. hearts of palm
50. hearts on parade
51. heat of passion
52. heavy oil production
53. hector of provence
54. hedwig of poland
55. hedwig of the palatinate-sulzbach
56. hegesinus of pergamon
57. height of a polynomial
58. height of perfection
59. heilika of pettendorf-lengenfeld
60. heinz otto peitgen
61. heir of provision
62. heirs of provision
63. held one's peace
64. held ones peace
65. held our peace
66. helen of the palatinate
67. heliopolis of phoenicia
68. hellcats over the pacific
69. hellions on parade
70. helmet of peretu
71. henry o. pollak
72. henry o pollak
73. henry of poland
74. henry of portugal
75. henry of the palatinate
76. henry otto punsch
77. her own people
78. heraclides of pontus
79. heraion of perachora
80. herbs of provence
81. herculanus of piegaro
82. heresy of paraphrase
83. heresy of peor
84. heritage of pride
85. hermotimus of pedasa
86. hero of the people
87. herodion of patras
88. heroes of the pacific
89. herzau ogle phenomenon
90. hes on the phone
91. hestiaeus of perinthus
92. hide our psychommunity
93. higher order perl
94. higher order programming
95. hilarius of poitiers
96. hilary of poitiers
97. hillary of poitiers
98. hills of peril
99. himmel och pannkaka
100. hippodamia of pisa

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