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1. daily light integral
2. dark lies the island
3. data language interface
4. date line international
5. davis love iii
6. daya labuhan indah
7. de long islands
8. de lunatico inquirendo
9. de lunatico inquirendos
10. dead and loving it
11. death of little ibsen
12. declare legally insane
13. defective lexical item
14. defense language institute
15. delay line interferometer
16. department of labor and immigration
17. depressor labii inferioris
18. deputy leaders of israel
19. derbies in the league of ireland
20. di lido island
21. diana lee inosanto
22. diesel locomotives of ireland
23. digital libraries initiative
24. digital library initiative
25. digital library of india
26. dimethyl lauramine isostearate
27. disappearance of lisa irwin
28. discharge-tube leak indicator
29. disintegration loops ii
30. disintegration loops iii
31. disintegration loops iv
32. distorted lines illusion
33. dna ligase i
34. dogs life its a
35. dollo's law of irreversibility
36. dollos law of irreversibility
37. donor lymphocyte infusion
38. double leg illusion
39. dowry law in india
40. dragons lair iii
41. dream land isfahan
42. drew live ii
43. driving licence in iceland
44. driving licence in india
45. driving licence in indonesia
46. driving licence in iran
47. driving licence in israel
48. driving licence in italy
49. driving license in indonesia
50. driving license in israel
51. dual life insurance
52. dublin louis israel
53. durban light infantry
54. durham light infantry
55. dwarf lake iris


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