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1. california university of pennsylvania
2. call up papers
3. cambridge univ. press
4. cambridge univ press
5. cambridge university press
6. cambridge university primates
7. canadian university press
8. cancer of unknown primary
9. capture of uss president
10. carcinoma of unknown primary
11. cardinal ugo poletti
12. carola unterberger probst
13. catholic university of pernambuco
14. catholic university of portugal
15. catholic university of pusan
16. cattle urine patches
17. celebrities under pressure
18. central university of punjab
19. central utah project
20. central uttar pradesh
21. cesar uribe piedrahita
22. chairman of the ukrainian parliament
23. chancellor of the university of paris
24. charles university in prague
25. charles university of prague
26. charles university prague
27. cheyney university of pennsylvania
28. chicago university press
29. children under a palm
30. chile under pinochet
31. china university of petroleum
32. chinese university press
33. chorrear un poco
34. christian unity party
35. christianity in uttar pradesh
36. christmas us postage
37. chronic ulcerative proctitis
38. citizen's unity party
39. citizens unity party
40. city university of pasay
41. civic unity party
42. civil union partners
43. clarion university of pennsylvania
44. clemson university press
45. climate of uttar pradesh
46. closing unit pump
47. cluj university press
48. codex usserianus primus
49. columbia university press
50. come upon the parish
51. committee of union and progress
52. common unicorn plant
53. complete ultrafilter and partitions
54. complexo universo paralelo
55. concluding unscientific postscript
56. concordia university press
57. conditional use permit
58. conservative and unionist party
59. Constitutional Union Party
60. continue under pain
61. copper units of pressure
62. cork university press
63. cornell univ. press
64. cornell univ press
65. cornell university press
66. correcaminos uat premier
67. crack up a person
68. cracking under pressure
69. credit union place
70. cruel and unusual punishment
71. cruel and unusual punishments
72. cruel and usual punishment
73. cruel unusual punishment
74. cuisine of uttar pradesh
75. culture of uttar pradesh
76. cut up poem


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