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1. came up empty
2. capilano university exchange
3. catch up effect
4. catholic university in erbil
5. central university of ecuador
6. cervus unicolor equinus
7. chalk up to experience
8. charles uzzell edwards
9. chiles-whitted ufo encounter
10. clostridial ulcerative enteritis
11. collapse under the empire
12. colony-forming unit eosinophil
13. colony-forming unit erythroid
14. come to an untimely end
15. come undone/untied/unstuck etc
16. come undone/untied etc
17. come up empty
18. come up to expectations
19. comes up empty
20. coming up easy
21. coming up empty
22. commonwealth united entertainment
23. comparison of unicode encodings
24. concordia university of edmonton
25. conversion of units of energy
26. cracow university of economics
27. cubesat uv experiment


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