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1. c. p. a
2. c.d. plaza amador
3. c p a
4. ca postcode area
5. caballo prieto azabache
6. cabin pressure altimeter
7. cabral pedro alvares
8. calapoola purple agate
9. caliber persistent artery
10. calibrated probability assessment
11. calico printers' association
12. calico printers association
13. california pacific airlines
14. california pines airport
15. california protected areas
16. call public attention to
17. campanula persicifolia alba
18. camsell portage airport
19. canada prep academy
20. canadian pacific airlines
21. canadian payments association
22. canadian payroll association
23. canadian peace alliance
24. canadian pharmacists association
25. canadian philosophical association
26. canadian police association
27. canadian provinces by area
28. canadian psychological association
29. cannibalism in pre-columbian america
30. canon powershot a
31. cape palmas airport
32. capital punishment in abkhazia
33. capital punishment in afghanistan
34. capital punishment in africa
35. capital punishment in alabama
36. capital punishment in alaska
37. capital punishment in albania
38. capital punishment in andorra
39. capital punishment in arizona
40. capital punishment in arkansas
41. capital punishment in armenia
42. capital punishment in aruba
43. capital punishment in asia
44. capital punishment in australia
45. capital punishment in austria
46. capital punishment in azerbaijan
47. carbon pricing in australia
48. carbonara pasta alla
49. cardiac pacing artificial
50. care programme approach
51. carey plume agate
52. cargo plus aviation
53. cargo preference act
54. caribbean philosophical association
55. caribbean poker adventure
56. carleton place airport
57. carlo paolo agazzi
58. carlos prates airport
59. carlos prince of asturias
60. carnivorous plants of australia
61. carol parsons aronovici
62. caroline patience augur
63. cary plume agate
64. casa pia a.c
65. casa pia ac
66. categoria primera a
67. cathay pacific airlines
68. cathay pacific airways
69. catherine palmore anderson
70. catheter pulmonary artery
71. catholic press association
72. cattle problem of arch
73. caudal pancreatic artery
74. cause to pass to another
75. cayley purser algorithm
76. cb postcode area
77. cd plaza amador
78. cebu pacific air
79. cell-free protein array
80. cemetery of punta arenas
81. centaline property agency
82. central pacific area
83. central papillary atrophy
84. central park arrest
85. central pavilion arena
86. central pennsylvania accent
87. central point anti-virus
88. central press association
89. centre points of australia
90. centrifugal pendulum absorber
91. centurytel of port aransas
92. cerebral palsy alliance
93. cerebral part of arachnoid
94. cerenkov pavel a
95. cerenkov pavel alekseevich
96. cerro paranal airport
97. cerro pinto agate
98. certified practising accountant
99. certified public accountant
100. certified public accountants

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