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1. captaincies of the spanish empire
2. capture of sint eustatius
3. capture of st eustatius
4. case of the speluncean explorers
5. cathedral of saint eugene
6. cathedral of saint eulalia
7. cathedral of santa eulalia
8. certificate of secondary education
9. certificates of secondary education
10. characteristics of software engineering
11. church of saint elian
12. church of san esteban
13. church of st elisabeth
14. citadel of salah ed-din
15. climate of south-west england
16. coefficient of superficial expansion
17. college of saint elizabeth
18. college of st. elizabeth
19. college of st elizabeth
20. collegium of state expenses
21. coming out of someone's ears
22. coming out of someones ears
23. committee on scientists and engineers
24. common open software environment
25. comparison of search engines
26. comparison of subtitle editors
27. components of service experience
28. composed of several elements
29. confederation of swedish enterprise
30. conference of socialist economists
31. council of science editors
32. council of smaller enterprises
33. count of saint elmo
34. cross of saint euphrosyne
35. crown of st. edward
36. crown of st edward
37. curse of the sun ep


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