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(In parentheses is the number of dictionaries in which OneLook found the word.)

1. code of princess ex (1)
2. capture of port egmont (1)
3. cody of the pony express (1)
4. church of prophet elijah (1)
5. circle of probable error (1)
6. characters of parasite eve (1)
7. custodian of postal effects (2)
8. contemplation of past events (1)
9. critique of political economy (1)
10. century of progress exposition (1)
11. committee on publication ethics (1)
12. certificate of primary education (1)
13. college of progressive education (1)
14. congress of the peoples of the east (1)
15. coalition of progressive electors (1)
16. captaincies of the portuguese empire (1)
17. charter of privileges and exemptions (1)
18. certificate of proficiency in english (1)


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