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1. cable and trunk schematic
2. calm after the storm
3. canadian american transportation systems
4. carlton and the shoes
5. carter-lewis and the southerners
6. cecilia and the satellite
7. central archives of the state
8. central area transmission system
9. charlotte area transit system
10. cheese and tomato sandwich
11. chief assassin to the sinister
12. child and the spells
13. children's acute transport service
14. childrens acute transport service
15. chip away the stone
16. christian attitudes towards science
17. christopher and the souls
18. chrysanthemum and the sword
19. cinnamic acid test of snapper-saltzman
20. circles around the sun
21. city and the stars
22. city of a thousand suns
23. class a television service
24. clinical and translational science
25. cloak and the staff
26. closest/nearest approach to sth
27. cloud aerosol transport system
28. coat of arms of the transcaucasian sfsr
29. coat of arms of the turkmen ssr
30. coire an t sneachda
31. color and the shape
32. colour and the shape
33. come as a total surprise
34. commonwealth air training scheme
35. compton acres tram stop
36. computer animated television series
37. computerized axial tomography scan
38. computerized axial tomography scanner
39. conan and the sorcerer
40. confederate army of the shenandoah
41. corisca and the satyr
42. cowboy and the senorita
43. credit accumulation and transfer scheme
44. crimes against the state
45. cripple and the starfish
46. cross and the switchblade
47. cross as two sticks
48. crow and the sheep
49. crow and the snake
50. cuba adventist theological seminary


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