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1. calcaneal articular surface of talus
2. calling all stations tour
3. cardiac arrhythmia suppression trial
4. carolina actors studio theatre
5. central american snapping turtle
6. cern axion solar telescope
7. childhood autism spectrum test
8. china academy of space technology
9. chinese academy of space technology
10. christ and st thomas
11. chronic addiction substitution treatment
12. clinton area showboat theatre
13. comparison of api simulation tools
14. completely anti symmetric tensor
15. completly anti symmetric tensor
16. computer aided simple triage
17. computer aided software testing
18. consolidated african selection trust
19. cut a swath through
20. cut a swathe through
21. cuts a swath through
22. cuts a swathe through
23. cutting a swath through
24. cutting a swathe through
25. cytomegalovirus antibody screening test


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