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(In parentheses is the number of dictionaries in which OneLook found the word.)

1. come to a sticky end (6)
2. came to a sticky end (5)
3. comes to a sticky end (5)
4. coming to a sticky end (5)
5. codex aureus of st emmeram (1)
6. codex aureus of st. emmeram (1)
7. coinage in anglo saxon england (1)
8. calcium aluminum silicate eutectic (1)
9. common application service element (1)
10. council of american states in europe (1)
11. computer aided software engineering (10)
12. common applications service element (4)
13. computer assisted software engineering (5)
14. christianisation of anglo saxon england (1)
15. christianization of anglo saxon england (1)
16. computer assisted structure elucidation (1)


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