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1. cake and pie server
2. cam and peg steering
3. captive animals protection society
4. career and placement services
5. central agricultural protection society
6. century airlines pilots' strike
7. century airlines pilots strike
8. cheese and pickle sandwich
9. chicago alternative policing strategy
10. chicago avenue pumping station
11. christ and the penitent sinners
12. cirrus airframe parachute system
13. cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence
14. clinician administered ptsd scale
15. coat of arms of the prince of spain
16. cockenzie and port seton
17. cognitive affective personality system
18. colloid and polymer science
19. comparison of anti plagiarism software
20. comparison of audio player software
21. computer animation production system
22. conservation area partnership schemes
23. consumer and producer surplus
24. context aware pervasive systems
25. convertible adjustable preferred stock
26. cote adamopoulos pantelakis syndrome
27. creative and productive sets
28. crime and punishment in suburbia
29. cryopyrin associated periodic syndrome
30. cuba american postal services


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