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1. back up the truck
2. back up train
3. backing up the toe
4. balance to unbalance transformer
5. bali utd tv
6. bangladesh university of textiles
7. bank united of texas
8. barrie uptown theater
9. battle of unnumbered tears
10. be/get used to
11. be under thumb
12. be up a tree
13. be up to
14. be used to
15. beachmaster unit two
16. before the ususal time
17. beijing university of technology
18. bells university of technology
19. belly up to
20. belt up theatre
21. beringia upland tundra
22. berlin university of technology
23. berwick upon tweed
24. bialystok university of technology
25. blood urea test
26. book of ultimate truths
27. book of unwritten tales
28. born in the u.s.a. tour
29. born in the usa tour
30. borsuk ulam theorem
31. bosporus university of the
32. boston university terriers
33. bottom up testing
34. bountiful utah temple
35. brandenburg university of technology
36. braunschweig university of technology
37. breaking us in two
38. bring up to
39. bring us together
40. british united traction
41. brno university of technology
42. brown university traditions
43. brown urethroplasty technique
44. brunswick university of technology
45. bubble universe theory
46. bucket urn tradition
47. buddy up to
48. build up to
49. built up timber
50. bunch up together
51. burnin' up tour
52. burnin up tour
53. burton upon trent
54. bust up takeover
55. butter up to


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