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1. backward upward medially
2. baiheliang underwater museum
3. bait ul maqdis
4. bait ul moqaddas
5. basilica of the uganda martyrs
6. be up to much
7. be up to the mark
8. be uppermost in the mind
9. belfast urban motorway
10. belgian units of measurement
11. bernhard ulrich middelboe
12. beta ursae majoris
13. beta ursae minoris
14. beverley uranium mine
15. big ugly mouth
16. blow up the moon
17. blowin' up the machine
18. blowin up the machine
19. bolivian units of measurement
20. born to use mics
21. bottom up model
22. bound and unbound morphemes
23. bovine ulcerative mammillitis
24. brazilian units of measurement
25. break up molecules
26. built up mast
27. built up masts
28. built up member
29. built up mica
30. bundeswehr university munich
31. bundeswehr university of munich
32. burmese units of measurement
33. busca una mujer
34. butt ugly martians
35. byzantine units of measurement
36. böhmen und mähren


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