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1. ballad of the red shoes
2. baltimore and ohio railroad station
3. bans on ritual slaughter
4. baradari of ranjit singh
5. barrett optical ranging system
6. battle of rappahannock station
7. battle of rice's station
8. battle of rices station
9. battle of rowlett's station
10. battle of rowletts station
11. battle of ruff's station
12. battle of ruffs station
13. be on the road to sth
14. bottsand-class oil recovery ship
15. branchio oto renal syndrome
16. bremen oslebshausen railway station
17. bremgarten obertor railway station
18. bridge of orchy railway station
19. bridges over the river seine
20. brotherhood of railroad signalmen
21. bureau of rural sciences
22. burning of the riga synagogues


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