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1. b. i. d
2. b i d
3. bachelor of industrial design
4. bachelor of international development
5. back in denim
6. back in the day
7. back in the dhss
8. back into the darkness
9. backed in the day
10. backing in the day
11. backs in the day
12. bahrain independence day
13. balanced incomplete design
14. bang i dara
15. bangladesh independence day
16. bangladeshi independence day
17. banned in d.c
18. banned in dc
19. base in dna
20. basil i dmitrevich
21. battery is dead
22. battle of ia drang
23. battles in the desert
24. bay islands department
25. bayport industrial district
26. bcl-x interacting domain
27. be/live in dread of
28. be in a dither
29. be in debt
30. be in demand
31. be in difficulties
32. be in difficulty
33. be in doubt
34. be in the dark
35. be in the doghouse
36. be in the doldrums
37. beard in den
38. beatrice i d'este
39. beatrice i deste
40. beaux-arts institute of design
41. beck ibrahim disease
42. been in debit
43. been in debt
44. beer in denmark
45. before i'll die
46. before i decay
47. before i die
48. before i disappear
49. before i do
50. before ill die
51. being in debit
52. being in debt
53. beira interior doc
54. belle ii detector
55. belle isle detroit
56. berg im drautal
57. bernard isaac durward
58. best in the desert
59. beth israel deaconess
60. better i don't
61. better i dont
62. better in the dark
63. between the iegs dribble
64. bhuvanaikabahu i of dambadeniya
65. bhuvanaikabahu iii of dambadeniya
66. big island dam
67. billy idol discography
68. binary integer decimal
69. biofuel in denmark
70. bipolar i disorder
71. bipolar ii disorder
72. biracial identity development
73. bis in die
74. blackmail into doing
75. blade in the dark
76. blasco i d'alagona
77. blasco i dalagona
78. blessing in disguise
79. blood in dispute
80. blossoms in the dust
81. bogo indian defence
82. bogo indian defense
83. bolshoy ice dome
84. bon iver discography
85. book of ingenious devices
86. born in the dark
87. born in the delta
88. boruch israel dyner
89. boullanger island dunnart
90. boy in darkness
91. boy in the dress
92. brad is dead
93. brazilian independence day
94. break in device
95. break it down
96. breathe in deep
97. bregu i diellit
98. bribe into doing
99. bring into danger
100. bring into discredit

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