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1. balewa abubakar tafawa sir
2. ballast and trim system
3. barking at the stars
4. bay area technology school
5. be/get accustomed to something
6. be a thorn in side
7. be a tribute to sth/sb
8. be affiliated to/with something
9. be agreeable to something
10. be alive to something
11. be all the same to
12. be answerable to sb
13. be attached to sb/sth
14. be awake to sth
15. be in a tight spot
16. been all the same
17. being all the same
18. bellini and the sphynx
19. bentonville anti-horse thief society
20. bermuda atlantic time-series study
21. biancabella and the snake
22. blessed are the sick
23. bob and the showgram
24. bob and tom show
25. book and the sword
26. books across the sea
27. bourgas and the sea
28. bowman and the spearman
29. boxer and the spy
30. bridge at thirteenth street
31. british ambassador to sweden
32. bronwydd arms transmitting station
33. brotherhood among the sahaba
34. brotherhood among the sahabah
35. bulging at the seams
36. bull and the spear
37. burn at the stake
38. burned at the stake
39. burning at the stake
40. burnings at the stake
41. burnt at the stake
42. burst at the seams
43. bursting at the seams
44. business and technology services
45. by absence of the sun


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