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1. bachelor of applied arts and sciences
2. bachelor of arts and science
3. backend as a service
4. bacterial adhesion in aquatic system
5. banking as a service
6. barrier-grid animation and stereography
7. bassel al assad stadium
8. battle of ayta al sha`b
9. battle of ayta ash shab
10. be all at sea
11. be asleep at the switch
12. been at a stand
13. before and after science
14. being at a stand
15. bid and asked spread
16. bile acids and salts
17. bir al-helou al-wardiya subdistrict
18. birch aquarium at scripps
19. birth aboard aircraft and ships
20. black as a skillet
21. black as a sweep
22. black as the ace of spades
23. blockchain as a service
24. boris and arkady strugatsky
25. bow and arrow sign
26. branched amino acid synthesis
27. british and american spelling
28. bum around about somewhere
29. bummed around about somewhere
30. bumming around about somewhere
31. bums around about somewhere
32. burns and allen show


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