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1. a scratch in the sky
2. a scream in the streets
3. a season in sinji
4. a shipwreck in the sand
5. a silhouette in splinters
6. a slope in the sun
7. a spectrum of infinite scale
8. a star is shining
9. a storm in summer
10. a study in scarlet
11. a sunday in september
12. ada semantic interface specification
13. age segregation in schools
14. alliance of small island states
15. amar singh ishar singh
16. american school in switzerland
17. anglo singapore international school
18. another star in the sky
19. anterior superior iliac spine
20. anti-american sentiment in spain
21. anti-russian sentiment in sweden
22. application software installation server
23. arrest of a suspect in sarajevo
24. arya samaj in suriname
25. australian secret intelligence service
26. awaken sth in sb
27. awakened sth in sb
28. awakening sth in sb
29. awakens sth in sb


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